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A++ is an open way of thinking that encompasses today’s architecture and design environment and their cross interdependencies, cross-disciplinary and cross-cultural influences.

We work in more than 10 countries around the world in different types of project. our strength and growth as a global firm provides one further important benefit. As the world faces increasingly pressing challenges in areas like climate change and the management of important natural resources, perspective on the most effective responses is vital. In the realm of architecture stars and gigantic practices, 

A++ has carved for itself a distinctive position among the very few that has taken sustainability seriously. We have successfully merged sustainability and quality, aesthetics and economics radically changing the way we approach this profession. Through the years, a++ has been called to apply this innovative approach in every realization.

Being a multidisciplinary practice, A++ has been working in mostly every area of architecture and design: we have designed skyscraper and little, low budget sustainable homes, hotels and residences, luxury homes and apartments, city and development area’s master-plans and distinctive landscape in more then 20 countries around the globe.

Among the many national and international projects, to be noted the recent past the island falcon island, a residential complex of 150 highly innovative and sustainable villas in the uae, the master plan of a new urban settlement in an area of 7.5 million square meters in albania, along with commercial and residential projects currently under construction in congo, Kazakistan, Armenia, Dubai and Switzerland.